CESCO Fully Built Up (FBU) units are available in New Zealand, with replacement bowls available to suit locally manufactured units. These products are made from long-life rheemalloy steel and benchmarked for performance with innovatively engineered machine die pressed steel blade system.

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Concrete Mixer Bowls

Concrete Mixer Bowls

Rheemalloy is a medium carbon steel offering superior tensile hardness properties compared to general structural grades. These properties make Rheemalloy an ideal material for the manufacture of concrete mixer barrels as produced by Cesco Australia Ltd.

For more than 50 years the CESCO concrete mixer has been a proven performer. Cesco Australia’s most impressive competitive advantage is its world-first pressed blade system design. Inclusive of eight specific blade segments to complete the unique blade system, it provides a precise pitch and spiral to meet the toughest specifications and achieve efficient mixer quality.