30 August 2017

Kawasaki 92Z7 is a powerful and reliable workhorse for HG Leach

We recently spent a morning with HG Leach & Co Ltd at their Tahuna Quarry, watching their Kawasaki 92Z7 wheel loader go through its paces. This machine has already proven to be a reliable, powerful and flexible workhorse for its owners.

The first thing you notice about the 92Z7 is its size. It’s a large piece of machinery with a bucket capacity of up to five cubic metres. The 92Z7 measures just over 3.5 metres to the top of the cab and the bucket can be raised more than 6.5 metres, depending on the loader’s set-up. It shows. At one point Leach’s 92Z7 towered over a truck it was loading with product.

Then there’s the sound it makes when operating at full power. The 92Z7 almost sings. It oozed smooth, forceful, dependable strength every time it hit a stockpile or moved heavy rocks around the pit. Custom operating power modes, made available through Kawasaki’s IntelliTech operating system, maximise a high engine power rating which literally provides power on demand.

The IntelliTech system uses logic and intelligence to adjust the operating characteristics of the loader. This intuitive system captures every aspect of working conditions and operating demands to adjust the powertrain and hydraulics to best suit each application’s requirements.

“We’re pleased with our Kawasaki 92Z7,” said Corrie Leach, HG Leach’s Quarrying Operations Manager. “It’s a powerful, reliable workhorse in the pit and compliments the rest of the equipment we have running down there. It can move any type of product and handle a variety of tasks. Just as important, the operators love running it.”

This sentiment was echoed by Pete Mangan, who was operating the 92Z7 on the day Tough Stuff was at Tahuna Quarry. “It’s very comfortable, which you expect with a loader these days, and is easy to operate in and around the quarry,” said Mangan. “We’ve had it here for several months and have had no problems. It’s a good, strong machine and enjoyable to drive.”

In fact operator comfort is outstanding. The 92Z7 is quiet, convenient, clean, and designed for optimum operator comfort, safety, and productivity. The Z7 range’s operator compartment features a low-profile dash, full-length glass doors, panoramic front window, standard rear view camera and well-organised storage area. 

Families working together

The relationship between HG Leach and MIMICO is strong and long-standing. It has been built on the back of their quarrying business, where MIMICO has supplied not only world class Metso crushing and screening equipment but also backed it up with quality service support and parts supply.

This meant that when HG Leach was looking for a new loader they knew where to go. They could trust that MIMICO would provide them with a superior piece of equipment along with all the parts and service back-up they would need to keep their loader up and running.

“Essentially this is about one family-owned business supporting another family-owned business to the best of our ability,” says MIMICO’s Managing Director, Rex Davies. “Over the years HG Leach has been able to build up a level of trust in MIMICO. They know we’ll be there for them, not only through the supply of top class equipment but with everything else they need to ensure their business keeps running.”

HG Leach have purchased a range of Metso mobile and fixed crushing and screening equipment over the years. The company currently owns and operates two Lokotrack LT105 mobile jaw crushers, an LT200HPs mobile cone crusher, an LT1213S mobile impactor and an ST2.4 mobile screen.

A bit about HG Leach & Co

H.G. Leach & Co. Ltd is a privately owned family company with a sixty year history in the Thames Valley region of New Zealand’s upper North Island. The company operates four quarries at Tirohia, Matatoki, Tahuna and Waitawheta. HG Leach also operates and constructs landfills for local authorities in New Zealand and Fiji.

The company has extended its operations around the central North Island over the course of sixty years. Their reputation for outstanding quality, a strategic placement in relation to key urban markets, and a highly effective transport fleet, have all combined to allow HG Leach to expand its operations beyond traditional geographical boundaries and into areas of high demand.

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