30 June 2019

MDS International’s M412 Tracked Trommel Screen

MDS International’s M412 tracked trommel screen is ideal for heavy duty screening and recycling demolition waste applications.

This machine can operate in a quarry screening and cleaning over burden, perform heavy duty scalping applications or clean dirty material up to 600mm in the largest dimension. It comes complete with fold out stockpiling conveyors, drum cleaner to keep the drum clean in sticky applications, and tipping grid for oversized product generation. It is ideal for moving around the quarry and from one site to the next.

The M412's trommel drum has an internal diameter of 1.25m, is 4m long and sits on an incline of five degrees. The drum can be in two formats: fully welded sections manufactured from steel bar and bolted sections (suitable for use with drum cleaner) or a skeleton drum with bolt in screen sections, making it strong enough to cope with all manner of materials.

The skeleton drum is ideal for processing free flowing dry material. When using the skeleton drum, the drum is fitted with removable screen sections ranging in size from 25mm to 200mm, therefore allowing for quick replacement as well as gradation fine tuning or product changes.

The fully welded drum is ideal for processing wet sticky material. Welded drums are available with apertures ranging from 100mm to 200mm and can be used with the unique toothed drum cleaner, which aligns with the drum openings to punch out any material that may blind or become lodged in the aperture.

Alternatively, the drum can be configured in sections therefore taking the advantages of both options. For example, the first sections can be configured with welded drum and drum cleaner to process sticky material and final section configured with skeleton drum to allow for gradation changes.

MDS M412 Trommel

MIMICO MOVIE MONDAY Every Monday we bring you a movie showcasing MIMICO and the equipment we distribute. Today: Sticky clay and mud is impossible to process for many customers because conventional methods often won't do the job. MDS Internationalnternational introduced the M412 with this application in mind. Here we showcase the M412 with a drum cleaner being operated in New Zealand to get clean stones from clay. Find out more about this model here: https://www.mimico.co.nz/equipment/mobile-screens/m412-trommel/

Posted by MIMICO on Sunday, July 21, 2019

MIMICO has an M412 in New Zealand and has operated it at several North Island locations. "The machine has proven to be extremely popular," said Garth Taylor, MIMICO's Crushing & Screening Business Manager. “It has allowed customers to process rock containing over burden that would normally be rejected to the customer’s tip head. This material can now be passed through the M412 and the rock cleaned and recovered for further processing.”

M412 Specifications

Transport Dimensions

  • Length: 12,836mm
  • Width: 2,500mm
  • Height: 3,000mm

Working Dimensions

  • Length: 17,045mm
  • Width: 1,800mm
  • Height: 3,000mm

Maximum Output Heights

  • Fines: 2,200mm
  • Oversize: 2,200mm

Technical Details

  • Weight: 21.5 Tonnes
  • Output Capacity: 300 Tonnes per hour
  • Feed Mechanism: Hydraulic Push Feeder

Drum Details

  • Drum Diameter: 1.25m
  • Drum Length: 4m

Power System

  • Engine: CAT 2.2
  • Power Rating: 50 kW (67 HP)
  • Controls: Electronic Control System
  • Safety Features: Limit Switches & Emergency Stops

Output & Screens

  • No. of Outputs: 2 off
  • Screen Opening 1: 25-200mm
  • Oversize: Rocks up to 600mm