14 August 2019

Superior Cash Flow With Aggredry®

Sand specifications are becoming more precise, making washing aggregate more necessary than ever. This is an opportunity the patented Aggredry® washer, manufactured by Superior Industries, Inc, can help customers take advantage of.

As demand for more stringent material specifications grows and quarries progress further into their reserves, the need to wash aggregate materials increases. The Aggredry® washer, distributed in New Zealand by MIMICO, is a combination of fine material washer and dewatering screen in a single machine, and is the ideal solution.

Traditionally, incorporating processes like washing and dewatering into your job sites can create some common inconveniences. “Processing wet material means you often need additional time for it to dry,” said Garth Taylor, MIMICO’s Crushing and Screening Business Manager. “That extra time means delaying the reclamation of the stockpile, while extra space is needed for the drying inventory.

“The Aggredry® washer solves this problem by both washing and drying the material, producing instantly saleable material with a moisture content as low as 8%.”

Instantly saleable sand

The Aggredry® washer’s screw removes clay, dirt, and crusher dust from your sand. This silt laden water is washed out the backside, while the saleable aggregate is carried and discharged to the integrated dewatering screen.

“Any remaining water is separated, resulting in a moisture content as low as 8% when the material hits the stockpile,” explains Taylor. “From there, there’s no need to wait. You can transfer the fresh material directly to stock pile or the customer’s truck.”

Often the material fines generated as a result of dewatering are lost with the waste water leading to product loss.

“These fines can become an aggravating waste product that goes right down the drain. To solve this issue, minus quarter millimetre sand is collected below the Aggredry® washer’s screen in an under flume and is reintroduced back into the sand screw via a patented water jet,” said Taylor.

This process saves 3% of the material from being re-routed to the waste pond which, in turn, provides more product to sell.

About Superior Industries, Inc

Superior Industries engineers and manufactures ground-breaking, bulk material processing and handling equipment and cutting-edge machinery components. From its headquarters in Morris, Minnesota, USA, the manufacturing firm supplies bulk crushing, screening, washing and conveying systems for industries including construction aggregates, mining, bulk terminals, agriculture, power and biomass.

In addition to its home plant in Minnesota, the 45-year-old Superior operates from additional facilities in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and Nebraska, USA; Alberta and New Brunswick, Canada; and three locations in Brazil to serve South American markets. For more about Superior Industries visit: http://superior-ind.com/