17 November 2021

Win-Win for Jake

McWatt Roadhaul employee, Jake Causebrook, noticed the company were regularly hiring 1.7T size excavators. Jake, seeing an opportunity, spoke with company owner Gavin McWatt about purchasing a 1.7T machine and trailer set-up. His plan was this machine would be made available for the company to have for small jobs during the week and for Jake to do the odd job during the weekend.

It made it a win-win for both.

The next part was to decide on a machine. Gavin purchased a Kobelco SK135SRLC-3 from MIMICO a few years back so knew that the back up given from the both the salesman and workshop was first class. This helped to make their decision to ask for a price on a Kobelco SK17SR and then go ahead with the purchase.

Hopefully this is the first of many Jake!

Kobelco's mini excavators